Claire offers lessons of 30, 45 and 60 minutes. These can be weekly, fortnightly or booked on an ad hoc basis. The costs for lessons are as follows:

  • £25 for 30 minutes
  • £37.50 for 45 minutes
  • £50 for 60 minutes
You can discuss with Claire what length of lesson will suit you best. For an adult, it is recommended that the first lesson is an hour, so that you can have a chat about what you want to get from your lessons, see where you are at present in vocal terms, get to know one another, cover some of the basics of technique and get an idea of how Claire teaches. For a child, Claire would recommend 30-45 minutes, depending on their age and stage.

Lessons are booked from week to week, so there is no long-term commitment and no need to pay for a block of lessons. This overcomes the issue of paying for lessons which you are unable to attend due to holidays, sickness, etc.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson and need to cancel it, Claire kindly requests at least 48 hours notice in order to avoid being charged for that lesson.

Glossop Singing Studio also offers gift vouchers for lessons if you are looking for a special and more unusual present.

If you are interested in having a consultation lesson, please feel free to get in touch by:

Telephone: 07714 410637


Or complete the contact form:  Contact Details